Take advantage of these live and interactive virtual enrichment classes for FREE for a limited time! GetSetUp is our exciting platform of allowing you to stay connected with your YMCA and to other members. Class topics include everything from health and wellness to technology and many other helpful resources.

Classes are taught by Guides, experts who are over 50 years old and bring their wisdom and experience into the class. Classes are small, relaxed and allow you to learn by doing. Questions are encouraged and will be answered live.



"So far I've taken 5 of them and I like everyone. They are skills you use in everyday life like How to use a smartphone productively, or How to take great photos on your smartphone. This morning I just took a Gmail class. It was particularly helpful. I have a Gmail account but I always use Yahoo and I have been wanting to switch. There are so many things you can do in Gmail since it is more advanced. But I don't use it as often, however, the class has become a motivation to transition to Gmail now."

Free Classes For A Limited Time


"I enjoyed the website building class the most because it dealt with more than one platform. But at the same time, I have been an Instagram user for a long time and I learned a lot about marketing on it that I didn't know. When I first joined Instagram I wasn't looking at it as a marketing tool but rather to look at work that I admired. Also being self-employed on LinkedIn I wasn't looking to find a job, but that class opened my eyes to how I can use LinkedIn not just to find a job. So even though I preferred the website class the most — I got a lot out of the other classes as well."

Free Classes For A Limited Time


"It's nice to take classes with other people my age. You can ask stupid questions and others do too. The Guides answer the same questions over and over with patience. Sometimes young people teaching assume you know things about computers that we just don't."

Free Classes For A Limited Time


"I used to apologize for being a lifelong learner, being knowledgeable, and asking a lot of questions, however — who cares now! This became an opportunity to spread my wings because I'm going toward a senior citizen but I'm not there."

Free Classes For A Limited Time